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Welcome to the NDGSA platform. This resource is dedicated to uniting keepers, breeders, and enthusiasts of the true Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community where members can exchange advice, share insights, and establish markets for responsible and ethical goat-keeping, breeding and farming. As we build momentum, we strongly encourage you to join the listings(free) and help us grow our network of contacts and locations. With your participation, we can develop listing pages and links that benefit all involved, creating a supportive and effective environment for everyone.

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats South Africa

Our mission at South Africa (NDGSA) is to establish and sustain a dynamic community portal devoted to the Nigerian Dwarf Goat. This platform serves as a hub for discussion, debate, and appreciation, supporting responsible breeding, keeping, and farming practices. We are committed to celebrating and deepening the understanding of this remarkable yet underrated breed, ensuring its prosperity in optimal environments and care conditions. We invite you to join us in advancing the stature and practice of Nigerian Dwarf Goat stewardship, across commercial, non-commercial, and hobbyist ventures.

NDGSA, 2024

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In the interim, we have established a complimentary Discord discussion area to kick-start our community engagement. Building a vibrant community requires time and active participation, and every member plays a crucial role, active or not. If you’re interested in engaging in real-time conversations, please join our Discord by clicking here. Alternatively, you can simply just register on this website. Thank you for your interest and support.